AD NumberSubjectEffective
I-24-2018-09-7 Electrical Power- Upper and Lower Front Relay Box Replacement 01/10/2018
1-52-2017-03-28 Adjustment of the Main Entrance Door (MED) Closed and Locked Indication microswitch 30/03/2017
28-12-06-18 Inspection of inboard fuel tank vent hole 24/06/2012
25-04-05-09R1 Replacement of baggage compartment rubber seals manufactured by
Gumiyan with seals manufactured by Rubbercraft.
24-07-10-11 Left Electrical DC Power Box – Inspection and relocation of feeder cable. 07/11/2007
01-12-02-02R1 Revision of runway slope and anti-ice corrections to V1 and take-off distance values 23/04/2013