Download Download Certification of an Air Operator
Prospective Operator’s Pre-Assessment Statement
  Download Operation Manual Part A 1.1.004A
  Download Passenger Safety Information Briefing AND Briefing Cards 1.1.006A
  Download Aircraft Operating Manuals 1.1.007A


Download MEL Repair Item Air Operator Self Extension
Air operator's MEL self-extension approvals list
MEL item repair interval extension - operator’s approval form
  Download Exit Row Seating Program 1.1.011A
  Download Emergency Evacuation Demonstration 1.1.014A
  Download Operators Quality System 1.1.018A
  Download Aircraft Mass and Balance Control  1.1.020A
  Download Aircraft Ground Handling And Servicing 1.1.021A
  Download Aircraft Fuel Control 1.1.022A
  Download Ground Deicing and Anti-icing Program 1.1.042A
  Download Criteria for Approval of Elictronic Flight Bags 1.1.046A
  Download Criteria for Approval of Category II Weather Minima 1.1.052A
  Download Crireria for Approval of Category III Weather Minima 1.1.053A
  Download Criteria for Approval of Extended and Polar Operations 1.1.054A
  Download Download

Criteria for Approval of Flight In Reduced
Vertical Separation Minimum

  Download Criteria for Approval of Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications 1.1.057A
  Download Criteria for Approval of RNAV and BARO VNAV 1.1.058A
  Download Criteria for Approval of RNP Operations 1.1.059A
  Download Maintenance Control by Reliability Method 1.1.214A
Download Maintenance Program 1.1.336A
  Download Criteria for the approval of foreign air carrier flights that may constituteas operating a base in Israel 1.1.400